Fields of Study

Petroleum University of Technology offers a limited number of scholarships for international students. This scholarship covers tuition fees and the cost of the dormitory of the students. The accepted students can use other facilities of this university (like food, sports facilities, ...) in subsidized rate. If you are interested, please tick the place for scholarship when you are sending the application.

id # Code Department Field of study Orientation Bachelor Master Phd
5471169004Abadan Faculty of PetroleumPetroleum Exploration Engineering141314
5482163202Abadan Faculty of PetroleumSafety Engineering- Health and Safety Executive(HSE)141314
5493162711Abadan Faculty of PetroleumSafety Engineering & Technical Inspection 141314
5464169001Abadan Faculty of PetroleumChemical Engineering131414
5435163307Abadan Faculty of PetroleumPetroleum Engineering131414
5446163201Abadan Faculty of PetroleumSafety Engineering & Technical Inspection 131414
5457163411Abadan Faculty of PetroleumMechanical Engineering131414
5628111616Tehran Faculty of PetroleumFinanceFinancing and investment in Petroleum & Gas141314
5609141133Ahvaz Faculty of PetroleumPetroleum Engineering141413
56110141214Ahvaz Faculty of PetroleumChemical Engineering141413
55911141311Ahvaz Faculty of PetroleumInstrumentation Control and Automation Engineering141314
55812141113Ahvaz Faculty of PetroleumPetroleum EngineeringDrilling141314
55713141117Ahvaz Faculty of PetroleumPetroleum EngineeringProduction141314
55614141122Ahvaz Faculty of PetroleumPetroleum EngineeringHydrocarbon Reservoir141314
55515141216Ahvaz Faculty of PetroleumChemical EngineeringChemical Engineering Gas Transmission & Processing141314
55416141316Ahvaz Faculty of PetroleumElectronical Engineering131414
55217141132Ahvaz Faculty of PetroleumPetroleum Engineering131414
55318141213Ahvaz Faculty of PetroleumChemical Engineering131414
55119163413Abadan Faculty of PetroleumEnergy Systems Engineering141314
55020163412Abadan Faculty of PetroleumMechanical Engineering-Applied Design141314